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Where can I charge?

With Powerlink 21, your driving comfort is the priority. The network currently consists only of publicly accessible charging stations in the Benelux.

Where are all the charging stations that are accessible to you?
You can see this very easily in your app.
In the app, the charging points are displayed either in a map or list view. Under e-charging, click on “stations”. To change between map and list view, click either on the list or map icon in the top right corner.

Do you encounter any problems when charging? Please check the following first.

  • Is the plug reserved by another customer? In the app, you can check the status of the plug by the colour of the icon. If the icon is orange, the plug is reserved. If there is a technical error, the icon turns red. So choose a plug which is green.
  • Did you choose a free plug and the charging still doesn’t work? Try inserting the plug properly (deeply) into the socket again.
  • If there is still enough credit in your account and the charging still does not work, you need to contact the owner of the charging station. You can find the contact details on every charging station.

Can I reserve a charging point?

Because we understand that planning your charging times may be convenient, we have made it possible for you to reserve a plug free of charge. This is possible maximum 15 minutes in advance and only if you are within a radius of 30 km from the charging station.
As an extra tool, the app always shows which plugs are available by means of a simple colour indication:

  • Green: free
  • Blue: charging
  • Orange: reserved
  • Red: error

What is e-charging?

E-charging is charging your vehicle at a charging station. Powerlink21 puts the driving comfort of electric vehicle drivers first and has already built up an extensive network of charging stations to this end.

I have lost my phone. Now what?

It is very important that you first block your device/sim card so that no one else can access your account. Once you have a new device, download the app (with which you started the session) again. You can simply log back in and continue to enjoy all the services.

Do I need a pin when using my charging card?

No. A charging session can be started by holding your charging card near the RFID reader. You do not need a pin.

Can a third party stop my charging session?

No, a charging session must always be stopped in the same way it was started. This is only possible with the app on your smartphone (if you used it to start the session) or with your charging card (if you started the session with it).

It is also possible to stop the session by unlocking the car and removing the charging cable from the car, in which case the session stops automatically, but this is impossible if you don’t have the key to the car. Only the operator of the charging station can stop your charging session, usually remotely, in case of customer support or technical problems.

What should I do if the charging session does not start after activation via the app?

  1. Check whether your charging cable is plugged in deep enough, both at the side of your car and at the charging point.
  2. To start a session via the app, you need a good mobile data connection. If necessary, move around a little.
  3. If it still does not work, start your charging session with your charging card. At present, a charging card is still the most widely used and stable way to start a session.

The charging station does not recognise my charging card. What do I have to do?

  1. If the problem occurs when you try to stop a charging session, check whether you used the charging card with which you started the charging session. It must always be the same.
  2. When you try to start a charging session, first check if you can find the charging point in the app.

My charging cable is blocked in the charging point or I cannot stop the charging session, what do I do?

A charging cable is only released when the charging session has ended. So first check that you have finished the charging session and make sure that you do so in the same way as you started it: starting with the app means stopping with the app, starting with your charging card means stopping with the same charging card.

  • Make sure your car is unlocked.
  • If you have checked the above steps and the charging cable remains blocked, it is best to contact us at +32(0)14 75 23 00 or if not urgent via Support@Powerlink21.eu so we can further investigate the problem.

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